Planning an Expedition Tour

An expedition tour is a tour that is planned with a group of people for the purpose of learning, exploration or even war. In this case this is for exploration and enjoyment in the island, before embarking for it there must be preparation in terms on how to spend time, what to see and where to be in particular time, also the mode of dressing is very important. The el nido palawan is one of the greatest place to visit. Below are some of the preparation tips for the tour to be successful.

Best tips


lkklkklklkkklklWhen preparing for such tours you have to carry heavy and light clothes, the weather or climate of the area may be harsh and unfriendly. Heavy clothing will assist when the weather may be cold and light will assist during the day as the strong sun rays heat the grounds. Swimming clothes may also be required as there will be temptations to swim during free times. Carrying a camera also is important as photos will be taken in the area of visit, it will be a good source of collecting data.

Comfortable transportation

Having comfortable transport is one of the most important factors to planning a successful tour trip. In this case booking a means of transport earlier to avoid the inconveniences at the last minute and making some delays before leaving. Other means may be uncomfortable for some members so it is advisable to consult every member who will take part in the tour for his/her fine way to travel. This will make the tour enjoy some.

Type of food

The type of food is also a factor which many often forget to check when planning a tour. The type of food available will also depend on the tour destination you plan to visit. So, if the group only eats vegetarian and you are traveling to any expedition island, you need to inform your tours and travels company of your dietary requirements. Particularly since island, seafood and meat play a major role in the cuisine. One should also be aware of all the allergies members in the group suffer from. This will help avoid hospital visits during the tour.


kjkjkjkjkjkjkjThe price always plays a major role when planning a tour. If you plan on hiring a tours and travels company, you still need to fix a budget. If you are traveling with a large group, you may have to talk to all the working members to see if the budget fixed is affordable for all. One also needs to focus on minor details to ensure that if you opt for a tour package, vital details such as transport and accommodation for all are organized well